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How do you guys handle money when it comes to dating?I'm highly feminist, so chivalry really doesn't do it for me. through one of the more expensive colleges in the world, I don't really have money to blow.Now, like everything in the world, this isn't an absolute.The most generous woman I've ever had a relationship with was the one who arguably had the least money.

While the app certainly has benefits, mainly getting your D wet with a rando, it has definitely taken some of the romance out of courtship.

(I have been asked before: how do I know how much money these women have? If they live in a four-bedroom Park Avenue apartment, if they are national TV personalities, if they talk about how much money their ex has -- a portion of which they often get -- if they talk about how they recently went to Paris for the weekend, one can draw reasonable conclusions. And sometimes, they'll come right out and say how much they have or something like, "I want someone who is as financially successful as I am." One can assume they aren't saying this if they are poverty-stricken.) So I am serious about wanting to understand this. As an enlightened liberal and a man with both a daughter and a granddaughter, I want that for the young women I care about, and for all women.

But I don't get how the quite understandable expectation of equality squares with the not understandable expectation that he should pay for the dinner, the movie, the hotel, the trip to London.

The point is, you understand the importance of style. If a dude let me open doors all night, I’d be closed for business. It’s like you want me to sprinkle the petals all over a bed while Ginuwine’s “So Anxious” plays in the background. While generally, it’s the polite thing to do, I think it depends on how you met.

Nothing dries up a woman’s birth canal like a dude who shows up looking like a six-foot-tall fourth grader. Of course, I’m just one woman and I can’t speak for my entire gender. If you already know each other through work, or friends, or some hipster kickball league, definitely offer to taker her home.

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