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Yet it might or might not be here sooner given that a Tinder bot based on Ex Machina’s main character AI seems to have been able to convince a few unassuming nerds at the SXSW’2015 event.I haven’t tested her (because female gender bots were not my primary goal to start with) and, hence, I’m not able to attest.Open your mind and soul and let the adventure begin!Here you can read about our online dating service Terms Of Use.I haven’t bothered checking them so I don’t know whether they offer a male persona. SEXED: Sapiosexuality- When The Smart Kid On The Block Wants To Get It On Part six of the Sex ED: Discovering Alternative Sexualities series Okay, let’s try and understand sapiosexuality here. You find yourself in the company of many supermodel beautiful people talking about sweet lovely careless things.

We can take it as a matter of fact that the movies ‘Her’ (2013) and ‘Ex Machina’ (2015) set the expectations of how a full-fledged AI romantic-oriented bot should converse… Futurist and AI thought leader Ray Kurzweil suggests that this level of conversational interaction is plausible by 2029.You can also broadcast yourself live and turn your lust and exhibitionism into cash. I've been with many men and I think that regular, planned and expected sex with the partner you know for years is kind of boring. A well-trained in romance chat bot might be all you need on that day (and possibly beyond).Ok Cupid launched a fresh set of sexual orientation categories for their users to identify with, in 2015, and Sapiosexuality quickly garnered a loyal band of adopters.More and more came to identify intelligence as the One among traits, because when beauty and charm run out, intelligence sustains. Researchers analyzing sexuality and intelligence at the University of New Mexico have postulated that language, humor and reason have evolved effectively over thousands of generations because humans find it the most attractive in sexual partners.

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