Are maci bookout and kyle regal dating

Maci gave birth to their son, Bentley Edwards, in October 2008. Bookout attended an accelerated school, with the aim of graduating early.

Following her high school graduation, she enrolled in the local community college and started classes.

"My goal is to gather as much information as possible about each candidate, so that I feel comfortable voting," says Maci. 6 isn't the only decision Maci and Kyle are mulling — they're also considering their future.

"I am doing my best to keep Kyle, and my friends, very interested and involved so that they will vote, too!

But rather than seeking a third Kyle with a royal-sounding last name, Bookout says she's doing just fine on her own.

Maci and Ryan have shared custody of Bentley since his birth in 2008.

In fact, Ryan tried to charm Maci with a sweeping romantic gesture: proposing on Twitter. ima kill u," we don't anticipate hearing wedding bells anytime soon.

Kyle was featured in a number of Teen Mom's episodes. Maci is now in a relationship with Taylor Mc Kinney.

They have one daughter, Jayde Mc Kinney and son Maverick Mc Kinney.

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